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The importance of KRMA ecological activity in cleaning the Adriatic


Fishing for Litter” – FfL is a common practice in Western European countries, especially England and the Netherlands. This activity consists in separating the marine litter collected together with the fishing catch, storing it in garbage bags on board, and later depositing it in suitable containers in the fishing port or landing place where it is disposed of within the existing waste management system. It is a very simple and effective way of involving the fishing sector in cleaning the seabed from accumulated litter, mostly plastic.
Such an important ecological activity that is also carried out every day in the Adriatic Sea also requires a name in the Croatian language. That’s why the Croatian name was designed at our Institute; Koćarski Ribolov i Morski otpAd, abbreviation KRMA. In addition to being an easy-to-remember abbreviation, the most important part of the activity, the separation of marine litter from the fishing catch and storage in garbage bags, takes place on the stern of the trawler (KRMA).
We also present a logo that visually marks this activity.
Trawlers participating in #KRMA activities will be named Eco Guardians of the Adriatic because they fully deserve it. Bearing in mind the benefits of such an initiative, it is extremely important that it is actively implemented in Croatia, and that trawlers are allowed to dispose of such waste at landing sites and fishing ports without paying an additional fee, which is in accordance with the relevant legislative regulations.
The objective of the activity is also to raise awareness of the national synergy established to reduce seafloor marine litter pollution in the Croatian Adriatic region, through technical cooperation and capacity-building activities, including financial support and reduce mobilization activities.


December 04, 2023
Scientists presented the database ČistiMO! and a manual for conducting ecological diving activities