About us

The Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries was founded in 1930 as the first national scientific institution dedicated to marine research.

The scientific activity of the Institute has been multidisciplinary from the beginning, encompassing biological, chemical, and physical oceanography as well as sedimentology, fishery, and mariculture.

The primary focus of the Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries is to conduct scientific research through projects funded by the Croatian Science Foundation. Those research aims to uncover the complex interactions that shape the marine environment and to better understand the functioning of the ecosystem in order to create measures for the protection of the Adriatic and its resources for sustainable exploitation.

In addition, numerous projects funded by the European Commission or different commercial entities, enable us to carry out monitoring of populations and stocks of marine organisms, biotope mapping, initial assessments of the marine environment, and various studies on environmental state and impacts. The data collected through long-term research by the Institute’s scientists provide a significant foundation for the implementation of European directives for the management and protection of surface waters and the marine environment, and the common fisheries policy.

The Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries serves as a teaching hub for the University Department of Marine Studies at the University of Split. As part of this collaboration, its employees contribute to the education of both undergraduate and graduate students. Additionally, Institute scientists are involved in postgraduate doctoral studies, such as the Applied Marine Science program at the University of Split and the Oceanology program at the University of Zagreb. The Institute, alongside the University of Split and the University of Dubrovnik, played a key role in establishing the postgraduate doctoral program in Applied Marine Science.

The Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries has a long-standing tradition of publishing the scientific journal “ACTA ADRIATICA“, which dates back to 1932. This journal is well recognized in the Mediterranean region, as demonstrated by its inclusion in the Web of Science database since 2007. The publication of this journal has allowed the Institute to exchange information and research findings with a large network of domestic and international scientific publishers.

The Institute, from its foundation, places great importance on international cooperation. Its researchers are actively involved in various international marine research organizations, programs, and commissions, especially in the Mediterranean. The Institute has participated in many European projects such as INTERREG, FP, IPA, Marie Curie Initial Training Network, and Horizon 2020.