Scientists presented the database ČistiMO! and a manual for conducting ecological diving activities


On Saturday, December 2, 2023, PIK Mornar organized a large underwater cleanup called “From Split to the Sea”. About 80 divers from diving clubs in Split and its surroundings participated and made this initiative very special.

Our scientists, dr. Pero Tutman and dr. Dubravka Bojanić Varezić used this opportunity to present the ČistiMO database! and a manual for conducting ecological diving actions and encouraged everyone to further cooperation.

For us as an institute, we must measure, weigh, and document every piece of waste collected after the action – how much we have and what exactly it is made of. As a member of the European Union, we must also take measures to reduce marine litter.

Environmental actions are not only good for the environment but also help us to collect important data. Unfortunately, the actions have not always been carried out in such a way that the Institute would have access to the waste data. That is why we need to work together with diving clubs that carry out such campaigns.
After the presentation by our scientists, the divers went to the nearby harbors where they cleaned about 800 kg of various waste that was entered into the database. Most of it was glass and plastic bottles and beverage cans, indicating that this waste originates from the sailors themselves.

Many thanks to everyone who participated!


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