We have started the countdown for the new European researcher’s Night.


Join us on Friday, September 29, where we will explore the marine world together under the motto “I explore…”.

Our scientists have prepared various activities for you. You will have the opportunity to discover the secrets of the smallest sea creatures, explore the colorfulness of shells, understand the importance of fish in the diet and learn more about the impact of climate change and the need to protect the sea and our planet.
No, that’s not all! This year at our stand you will have the opportunity to play a game and test your knowledge about the ocean.

A special exhibition of children’s works entitled “Sea Positive” will be held during the Researcher’s night. The works of children from all over Croatia will surely enchant you with their creativity and great love for the sea.

Invite your friends and family and spend this evening exploring and learning about the sea.
See you at Prokurative!


We thank for the interesting educational material that is publicly available at the following link ->


Autori fotografije: Jakica Njire, Jasna Arapov i Natalia Bojanić
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