The final meeting of the project MAUD


The final meeting of the project “Middle Adriatic Upwelling and Downwelling MAUD”, funded by the Croatian Science Foundation, was held.
The process of upwelling has a significant impact on marine life, as nutrient-rich water from the deep is transported to the surface, stimulating primary production and thus the development of higher levels of the food chain.
Biological studies in the 1980s linked the abundance of plankton, sardine spawning areas and large catches in the Blitvenica area to the upwelling of deep waters from the Jabuka basin.
The extremely rich benthic algal vegetation on Jabuka and Blitvenica is also associated with the upwelling of nutrient salts from the deeper layers of the Jabuka Basin.
The aim of the project MAUD was to provide a complete picture of the process of upwelling and subsidence (I/P) of water masses in the larger water area of the islands of Jabuka and Blitvenica and in the area connecting them.


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