Project “Sea of the Future”: Workshops on Ocean Preservation for Elementary School Students in Croatia’s Inland Area


Let us spread the word about the importance of marine conservation and do our part to protect the seas for generations to come!
Our “Seas of the Future” project, co-funded by the Adris Foundation, was recently recognized by UNESCO as an activity that contributes to the goals of the Decade of Ocean Exploration for Sustainable Development!

The United Nations General Assembly (UN) has proclaimed the Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021 – 2030) under the motto “The science we need for the ocean we want”. For us, this means that we have done a good job and that our efforts to raise awareness of the importance of ocean conservation have been recognized.

The project was designed and implemented by our scientists, Ph.D. Daria Ezgeta Balić, Ph.D. Barbara Zorica and Marija Šestanović. Recently, we had the opportunity to hold workshops for elementary school students in mainland Croatia: Krapina, Osijek, Sarvaš, Čepin, Darda and Vladislavci – these are the places where we held ten workshops, in which a total of about 290 students and 15 teachers from seven schools participated.

Schools on the Croatian mainland often do not have workshops on marine topics, although understanding and exploring the sea is equally important for everyone, regardless of where you live.

The children inspired us with their questions and interest, and we are especially pleased that we were able to bring a touch of the sea to schools on the Croatian mainland in this way.
We thank you all for your support and let us continue to work together for a better future!


Istraživački rad
February 21, 2024
How much is taught in schools about the sea?