Children learn about the importance of the ocean on World Oceans Day


The sea is home to a great number of organisms, but it is also a source of food, energy and beauty. We must ensure that it is protected and preserved for future generations, and that is why we have tried to convey this importance to the youngest.

As part of the project “Blue connect” and the “European Day of the Sea in my country”, we invited the children of kindergartens More and Rusulica to the sea. We prepared a series of games that allowed them to learn more about the sea and the organisms that live in it. The children were playful and curious, and we were delighted with their curiosity.

Of course, in addition to the games and learning, we did not forget the children’s favorite props on the beach – buckets and shovels for sand.

This day should remind us that our actions should be focused on sustainable use of marine resources and protection of the nature that surrounds us. Every step we take today can have a big impact on preserving our oceans and creating a better future for all of us.


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