Encouraging curiosity and the spirit of inquiry in young marine scientists


Our scientist, dr. Daria Ezgeta Balić, visited Duga Kindergarten to share her knowledge about the sea with little explorers! The children were excited to observe small, invisible organisms through a magnifying glass.

They learned about the feeding habits of different organisms in the sea, learned about different bivalves and finally turned everything into beautiful drawings that will be exhibited during the Night of Researchers!

We are proud of their curiosity and thirst for research, as these are the qualities that shape future scientists and researchers. We hope that this visit will inspire some of them to take an interest in science in the future!

Activities under the “Reconnect Science with the Blue Society” project, which promotes research and science among children and young people, can be followed on the site: Ja istražujem.


November 17, 2023
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November 08, 2023
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November 06, 2023
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