The ADRISAAF project workshop was held


Our institute is conducting an interesting HRZZ project ADRISAAF, led by our scientist, Danijela Šantić. from the Laboratory of Microbiology. This project explores a group of microorganisms that were previously quite unknown in the Adriatic Sea – aerobic anoxygenic phototrophs.

This group of microorganisms, although small in number, plays a significant role in the microbial food web, i.e. the carbon cycle in the marine ecosystem, and the research group gathered around this project is a pioneer in the research of these microbes in the Adriatic.

The workshop at the University Department of Marine Studies brought together students and scientists, who had the opportunity to learn more about the microbial community, the possibilities of its research and the results of the project through short presentations by the project leader and PhD student Iva Stojan.

More information about the project can be found at:


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