Computing center

The computing center is responsible for development of custom software, and also maintaining the computer and network infrastructure at the Institute.

Today, scientific research is almost impossible without the help of computer technology. A strong component of the computer center is the development of its own software solutions related to the retrieval, storage, processing, and display of data.

About the center

In the computing center of the institute, software applications are developed and maintained using various programming languages and tools such as PL/SQL, CSS, HTML, Javascript, C++, and C. In addition to the development of software support, work is being done on applications and integration of measuring instrumentation and other technical equipment. , both at the Institute itself and on research ships.

The center covers several areas of application such as:

  • management and development of oceanographic databases
  • development and maintenance of the network interface for databases
  • development of data processing and presentation through a network interface
  • development and maintenance of applications for data collection in real-time with automatic entry into the database
  • development and maintenance of systems for measuring oceanographic data
  • application and integration of measurement and other systems (communication, navigation) on research ships
  • application and development of georeferenced data display (GIS)
  • maintenance of server computers and other computer equipment of the Institute
Sistem room

Server computers are located in a specially designed system room. The room is air-conditioned and has a double antistatic floor. It is also the center of the local institute network. In the System room are located:

  • mail server and static web pages
  • server of dynamic web pages
  • database server (production)
  • database server (development)
  • server for numerical models (production)
  • server for numerical models (development)
  • server of the high-frequency radar system for measuring surface currents
  • 9 network switches and a router
  • 4 uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) of higher capacity and with network interface
  • switch for keyboard, mouse and monitor (KVM switch) and keyboard, mouse and monitor

The institute’s local network is designed for about 200 computers (about 120 computers and about 30 printers are active on the network) and extends across three institute buildings. In addition to the system room, there is also another closet with communication equipment on the ground floor of the institute’s main building. There are also five access points for the wireless network (WiFi) at the Institute.

Used technology:

  • Linux servers (RedHat, Centos, Debian)
  • Oracle Database (19.2)
  • Oracle Application Server (19.2)
  • Tomcat application server
  • Geoserver
  • Geonetwork
  • WordPress
  • OpenJournalSystem (version 3)

Network applications

When accessing and handling data, the emphasis is on access via network applications (via an Internet browser). Numerous network applications have been developed for our own needs and for the needs of cooperating institutions, the most important of which are:

Daily access to all network content of the Institute, which, in addition to the mentioned applications, also contains a network camera, and the calculation of high and low waters ranges from 1,000 to 3,000 individual visits.





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