Data center Data center

Today, scientific research is almost impossible without the help of computer technology. In the Data Center of the Institute software applications are developed and maintained using various programming languages and tools, such as PL/SQL, C++, C, together with various script languages. Data Center covers more application areas, such as:

• management and development of oceanographic databases

• development and maintenance of the database web interface

• development and maintenance of real-time data-collection applications with automatic database recording

• development and maintenance of oceanographic data measuring systems

• application and development of Geographic Information Systems

• maintenance of servers and other computer equipment of the Institute

Servers are housed in a specially adapted system room. The room is air conditioned, with double-antistatic floor. The center of the Institute's Local Area Network is also set up there. In the System room there are also:

• mail and static web page server

• dynamic web page server

• database server (production)

• database server (development)

• server for real-time measurement management and database recording

• numeric models server (production)

• numeric models server (development)

• firewall computer

• 7 network switches and a network router

• 2 high capacity uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) with network interfaces

• keyboard, mouse and monitor switch (KVM switch), and keyboard, mouse and a monitor

Local Area Network of the Institute is designed for about 200 computers (currently around 100 connected) and extends into three Institute buildings. Apart from the System room, there is also a communications equipment cabinet on the ground floor of the main building of the Institute.