Laboratory of Marine Microbiology Laboratory of Marine Microbiology

Work of the Laboratory of Microbiology includes conducting research of ecology of marine microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, cyanobacteria, heterotrophic nanoplankton), as well as research of allochthonous microorganisms which from different sources occur in the marine environment.

Field of ecology of marine microorganisms includes research of microbial community structure (composition, number, biomass, production and activity), and the role of microbial food net in the flow of matter and energy through the pelagic ecosystem. Given the importance of bacteria in biogeochemical processes in the sea, research of numbers and biomass of bacteria have recently been carried out in the sediment as well.

As part of the allochthonous microorganisms research, the presence of fecal pollution indicators in sea water and organisms (especially shellfish) is being monitored, and occasionally, some groups of patogenic microorganisms. The results of these studies are essential for assessing the sanitary quality of water and marine organisms and potential risks to human health. Research of microorganism survival in the marine environment, and the speed of their concentration in shellfish, in different enviromental conditions, is also being carried out. Within this issue, Laboratory of Microbiology organizes national and international workshops related to the introduction of new methods and training in their implementation.

Laboratory of Microbiology is an authorized research laboratory for testing and evaluation of water quality, according to the rezolution of the Ministry of Regional Development, Forestry and Water Economy of the Republic of Croatia, the Board of Water Management (KLASA: UP/Io-034-04/08-01/16; URBROJ: 538-10/1-4-64-08/6; of 10th of December 2008).