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Library of the Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries was founded in 1930. The first scientists at the Institute personally took care of completing the library fund with the most important books on oceanography and fisheries. Intensive exchange of periodicals with other countries all over Europe and the world is coincidental with the beginning of the series Journal: Acta Adriatica (1932). In the Almanac for 1938, there were 116 title applications. Over the years the number of journal titles grew and has always been the most important segment of the library holdings well suited to the needs of scientists.


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22. ožujka 2011.

New Edition of Monograph Series no. 4

We are proud to announce the new Edition of Monograph Series no. 4 issued by academician Prof. Frano KRŠINIĆ "Tintinnids (Tintinnida, Choreotrichia, Ciliata) in the Adriatic Sea, Mediterranean".


Part I. Taxonomy

186 p. with original illustrations (293 Figs, 103 Tables, 10 color illustrations)

Total weight: 628 gr.


Part II. Ecology

111 pages, 2 Tables, 79 Figures


TOTAL PRICE for Parts I. and II. 140,00€