Laboratory of Ichtyology and Coastal Fishery Laboratory of Ichtyology and Coastal Fishery

Laboratory of Ichthyology and Coastal Fisheries in IOF currently employs 5 research scientists and 2 PhD students. Since monitoring of status and changes of ichthyocommunities is a complex issue the scope of work of our Lab encompasses as many different aspects as possible to get an accurate insight through:

• systematic research of fish biology and ecology (coastal fish community composition, biological characteristics and distribution of species)

• population dynamics and stock assessment of characteristic, commercially important coastal fish species

• qualitative and quantitative catch structure, demographic structure of the most important stocks

• exploitation level, bycatch composition

• evaluation of selectivity properties and destructiveness of fishing gears

• estimating the potential impact of global climate changes on fish biodiversity and other living resources in the Adriatic Sea

• collection of new ichthyological data

And finally, as a result of all the before mentioned activities:

• preparing recommendations for conservation, sustainable use and management of coastal living resources

The activities of our Laboratory are supported through various national projects and monitoring, mostly financed by MZOS and MPRRR but it is important to point out that exploration of coastal ichthyocommunities by this Lab goes as far back as the last 65 years. Also, there is a good informal cooperation with all marine biologists at institutes in neighbouring countries. Moreover, every year some post-doc students and Fulbright scholars spent some time working and participating in all lab activities. List of papers cited in Current Contents (39 published for period 2007-2009 and further 10 in revision process) for permanent scientific activity on project 001-0013077-0844 is on the web page: http://bib.irb.hr//.