Harmonia Harmonia

Harmonization and Networking for contaminant assessment in the Ionian and Adriatic Seas

Project financed by Interreg ADRION Programme

Total budget: 1,290,978.60 EUR
Duration: 02/2018 to 12/2019


  • The ADRION area is a hot spot of biodiversity and hosts habitats and communities of great environmental importance
  • Pollution in the ADRION area is a key issue
  • The area is intensively used now (and in the future?)
  • Good Environmental Status (GES) assessment: wide heterogeneity of information used for MSFD reporting
  • Inconsistencies in methodological approaches
  • Scarcity of data availability

Overall objective:
HarmoNIA intends to address the heterogeneity in methodological approaches and in the information used for Good Environmental Status assessment (MSFD) and to overcome the fragmentation in geographical coverage of data availability on contaminants.

Specific objectives:

  • to share best practices to support the harmonized implementation of marine environmental directives in the ADRION region
  • to strengthen the network of data infrastructures to facilitate access and re-use of marine data among countries bordering the Adriatic – Ionian Seas
  • to support a coordinated approach in case of pollution dispersion accidents and define a common strategy to assess contaminant dispersion risk along the coast

The approach:

  • Establish an Adriatic – Ionian network of agencies and institutes in charge in the assessment of marine contaminants
  • Define best practices to tackle monitoring, assessment and evaluation of impacts due to contamination
  • Collect and make accessible through a common and already available infrastructure regional datasets of contaminants for the Adriatic – Ionian
  • region
  • Propose a regional strategy for a shared and harmonized evaluation of the risk due to contaminant dispersion from different sources of pollution.